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I have been following the development of the brand for a few years now and it’s going from strength to strength. Super happy with the personalised creative development of the first piece I purchased and the quality of the products since




Jess’s work is truly so beautiful to behold. Her pieces are some of my favourites in my collection. Jess is also amazing to work with, she can customise her jewellery to fit your dreams!






Jess Blak jewellery is equal parts beautiful and dark, crafted meticulously.

Seon-Im You



I’ve been following Jess’s work for a time now, and was so excited to see and talk to her in person at the few pop ups and found it to always be such an inviting experience. Was very excited to see the new store opened on Winn Lane and was lucky enough to be able to pop in on the first day! Being able to see how hard each piece is worked on and the design so beautiful- I’ve now ordered a custom piece!! Very excited love love love, excited for where this brand goes in the future.

~ Magdalene





After contacting 3 local jewelers about a bespoke ring in honor of my Pa, Jess responded within the same day. She then listened, shared and created until we had what I now love; a ring that combines me, my memories and my Pa in one unique statement. Trust her. She’s awesome!!




Jess has been an absolute gem to work & collaborate with. I commissioned her to do create a piece and she approached it with such kindness, attentiveness, thoughtfulness and patience. She allowed me to freely verbalise my ideas in a safe space and was able to realise them using her skills and aesthetics whilst fulfilling what I wanted the ring to represent. I had complete trust in Jess and appreciated her expertise. It was very special and my ring turned out to be very beautiful – often one of the most eye catching items that I have been complimented on frequently. Thank you so much Jess!

En Rui





I’ve been following Jess for 3 years now and have a couple of her wonderful pieces. I am constantly getting compliments on how unique and beautiful her pieces are. Her styles are super wearable and you can see each piece is made with care and love!! I love how textural all her objects are but what i find most amazing is that the inside of her rings are so polished and smooth that they are extremely comfortable to wear. I never take my ring off 🙂



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