Published on 17 Jan 2019 by James Frostick For The Weekend Edition



The wares crafted by local artisan Jess Blak have enamoured many thanks to each piece’s irregular charm and stark beauty. After building up steam online, the talented jeweller has unveiled a brand-new shop in Winn Lane – displaying her minimalist pieces amidst a cosy, mood-lit nook. Fans of Jess Blak’s unique collection or those looking to update their style with something eye catching would do well to step inside.

Jess Blak has always been inspired by texture – the way things feel and look is a crucial aspect of her design process. A background in sculpture paired with a fascination for how built environments clash with natural surroundings – ruins, relics and wrecks, for example – offers insight into where Jess’ sense of aesthetics originates. The skilled jeweller has been crafting unique pieces for several years, building up a following as an artisan in demand with her range of ethically wrought wares. From Jess Blak’s earrings and chokers to stone-encrusted rings, each piece boasts an ageless quality – as if they were assembled by craftspeople of civilisations long extinct.


Following a rebrand (and a sojourn to Paris Fashion Week), Jess has opened a store and workshop in Winn Lane, where folks can inspect the pieces up close and interact with the designer herself. No two Jess Blak pieces are ever the same – each piece is constructed using recycled silver and lab-grown stones. With a workshop on site Jess is able to showcase new pieces regularly, in addition to creating custom pieces for those after a more personal touch. Jess Blak’s boutique is now open in Winn Lane. Check the Stumble Guide for more details.



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